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Technical SEO Services -

Audit and optimize the website

For any site to survive on the top page ranking amongst the search engines like Google, the right SEO   technique needs to be followed. There is a technical SEO audit that can be helpful in such a case. If the right technical SEO strategy is followed it can help the business owner understand how the site is performing. To optimize the site for search engines is more like improving the online profile. This way, there is a scope to gain more qualified visitors increase.

Think about it! While searching for something on the internet, people don’t leave the first page that is shown in the results. Google along with many other search engines follows the Technical SEO   techniques. They have put the primary focus on the content quality and not the quantity to offer the user with best results. Security and the way content is presented or has been formatted plays a crucial role in what exactly does Google selects for better ranking. That is the time when a technical SEO   agency can be helpful.

Technical SEO - Audit and optimize the website

Before approaching the technical SEO agency, it is important to understand technical SEO strategy and how it can help the business grow. Even if there has been a debate on the importance of technical SEO considering the changes taking place in the current algorithm, it is important to pay more attention to such strategy than site technical health. In the simplest way, technical SEO refers to the server and website optimization that actually can help the spider crawls on the search engine and thus the site can effectively get indexing.

Technical SEO is the part of SEO that includes website infrastructure optimization. It also deals with other components of the site such as page speed sitemaps, URL structure, site navigation, and schema to name some.

If the technical site audit is well optimized, it can help the business gain better traffic that too in an organic manner through a search engine. Besides, the content and design of the site do not make any sense if the user is not able to navigate or access it. That is why with the technical SEO agency right services can be availed.



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Technical SEO Services - User friendly Search Experience

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Technical SEO Audit

The team of technical SEO consultants shall take care of preparing a technical SEO audit. This will help to understand and deal with the technical SEO issues associated with the site. The audit also covers mobile performance, checkpoints, internal link structure, indexation, and XML sitemap to name some.

Competitor Analysis

If the right technical SEO agency is hired, the business can get an overview of how the tactics competitor’s optimization is working. This way the conversion opportunities can also be determined. Besides, the technical SEO consultant shall further evaluate the keyword performance, presence on social media, and search engine ranking. This will help to avail some good benefits in a niche market.


Meta Data Analysis

Along with the technical site audit, the Metadata analysis can be useful too. As a part of technical SEO, online visibility needs to be improved while the traffic should be gained. For this Meta tags can be useful. It describes the content of the page to the readers and search engines. With the technical SEO techniques, the team of experts shall perform technical SEO for the site and also optimize and analyze the title tag and Meta description.

Image Optimization

Often large images can affect the website performance and visitors may drive away. To lessen the load from the site and gain more attention from the customers technical SEO can be useful. With the right technical SEO strategy, the alt attributes can be optimized, a file can be formatted and the file size of the image can also be reduced.

Speed Optimization

Another part of the technical SEO strategy that often the agency can offer as the service is page speed optimization. Since it hampers the overall ranking and online experience, technical SEO is important. It lets the compression of the file lessen the CSS size and HTML files as well.

Structured Data Mark-up

This is another crucial technical SEO service that should not be ignored. For the search engine to crawl easily and display the whole content, schema mark-up is important. As a part of the technical SEO services, the experts shall use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to check if there are any underlying issues.

Technical SEO - Audit and optimize the website

As a part of a technical SEO audit, many techniques are being followed. But when it comes to availing the technical SEO  services, it is important to understand that website’s technical profile requires professional support.

It is important to conduct the website audience and gain clarity on the site performance. This way improvement opportunity can be identified. This technical SEO agency can be helpful. The team shall cover checkpoints like Crawl errors, Crawl analysis, Duplicate content, and Robots.txt to name some.

The professional shall offer the technical SEO services but also ensure the penalty recovery is checked. The experienced team of SEO then would check and recover the countless site’s restoration. This shall include the lost traffic recovery, preserving the reputation, and migration of the site to name some.

Next, the company would fix the content issues, especially the duplicate ones. This could be confusing and also for search engines, it is considered a crime.

Later the XML sitemap is created for the search engine along with technical SEO  audit to know that website is crawling it.

AMP will be enabled which focuses on improving the content delivery on mobile devices.

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    While setting up your multi-language SEO website, you must consider some useful tactics that can result in better SEO.


    It is important to improve the site performance for which the technical SEO  audit can be useful. This way there can be clarity on whether organic traffic is being generated or not.


    Whether it is a comprehensive technical SEO audit or paid campaign, the business decision always depends on research and data and hence professional company should be chosen.



    With the right technical SEO strategy, it is possible to deal with website issues. However quick action needs to be taken for this and hence hiring a professional agency is advised.


    To make sure every element of SEO is working fine, only a technical team of experts can be helpful which is why partnering with a technical SEO service provider can be beneficial.

    Improve the performance of the site with technical SEO strategies:

    Depending on the technical health of the site, many issues can come up that needs to be taken care of. Here are some techniques :

    SSL is a secure socket layer which is a crucial protocol that can help in establishing the encrypted link between a browser and a web server.

    Apply SSL

    More than 40% of the users usually abandon the site simply because it has a slow time which it took for propagating and the number will keep increasing with time. Taking care of the site loading time is crucial. The rich files and large images could be the culprit and for which it is important to remove them or compress them to see great results.

    Reduce the Loading Time of the Site

    If the site has 404 errors, it means there might be some page linking that doesn’t exist or they could be broken. If this happens it is important to work on it by using link miner which is the best Google Chrome Extension. Dealing with this can help the site from facing any negative effects from the search ranking.

    Other than this duplicate content and content mixes should be eliminated too.

    Work On Broken Pages and Links


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