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Take your business to new heights with conversion rate optimization strategies carefully tailored to your needs. Give our conversion rate optimization agency the opportunity to handle your conversion marketing needs and enjoy the benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization services done correctly.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The goal of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to increase the percentage of visitors who take the desired action on a website. The desired action may be to buy a product, click ‘add to cart’, join a mailing list, fill out a form, or click on a link. Nowadays, there are many who provide website conversion optimization services because from small business to large corporation all are using CRO services. First97Days provides conversion optimization for small business websites at affordable rates.

Most marketers think that driving clicks and traffic to their websites is the end goal; they spend most of their time, money and resources on it. In reality, the challenging part is turning those clicks into profits and conversions. Here conversion rate optimization comes in.

Purchases are often used as a measure of marketing success. Conversion rate optimization goals, however, differ from brand to brand. You can set multiple conversion rate optimization goals for your business, depending on your marketing needs and objectives, including:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Social shares
  • Call To Action button clicks
  • Form-Fill submissions
  • App installations
  • Sales



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On-Page SEO Services That Deliver Reliable Results

Let’s not optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue

To boost your website's profitability in these competitive digital times, we are updated with the latest on-page SEO tactics and algorithm updates to ensure your website is structured for both online users and search engine spiders. We are one of the best and affordable who provide the best on-page SEO services, on-page SEO audit of your website.

Bounce Rate

It is imperative to look at the bounce rate on the landing page or website as the first metric to evaluate. Bounce rates can tell us how much time users are spending on the site before leaving. We can evaluate bounce rates on specific pages by looking at specific pages of a website.
A product page is one of the most important pages on an ecommerce site. Product pages are the last step before a visitor adds a product to their cart and makes a purchase. Ecommerce conversion optimization is vital if you want your product/service to be sold.

Time on Site

In addition, the average session duration should be considered. By analyzing this metric, we can tell how long our visitors are staying on our site. It may be difficult for them to navigate the site if they are spending a long time on it. The session duration alone is not necessarily a problem, but in combination with other user testing findings, it can contribute to a larger picture.

Pages Per Visit

Another metric to evaluate is the number of pages viewed per visit. When combined with bounce rate and average session duration, this metric could be easily analyzed. As a result, the user might visit more pages if the session duration is longer. A high bounce rate could result in fewer pages per session. Throughout the site, we want visitors to find what they're looking for and navigate easily.

New Vs Returning

Analysis of our audience types will be the next metric we look at. We can then take a closer look at how audience types impact performance by separating out new visitors and returning visitors.


In the next report, we examine performance by device. The main finding focuses on mobile users. As shown in this example, mobile sessions are much higher than the other two devices, and the metrics are much worse. These metrics will definitely help us form a CRO strategy and testing structure because we have so many mobile users.

In Page Analytics

In-Page analytics is the latest Google Analytics tool. The tool lets you measure activity on the page you're focusing on by adding an add-on to your pages. You can use it to see where visitors click and what links they click if you do not have heat mapping technologies installed on your site. This data can be used to see what elements are most important to our visitors and optimize our site accordingly.

Exit Rate

The exit rate reflects the number of people who have visited multiple pages and then left the site on the last page. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who arrive at a specific page and leave the same page without exploring any other area of the site. It becomes even more important when we consider the journey a visitor takes through the site.
If the cart page exit rate is high in e-commerce, for example, as the user is going through the checkout process, then that is an area that needs to be optimized so more visitors make it past the cart and make purchases and it is also called ecommerce conversion optimization.

Site Speed

Site speed is the next metric we'll examine. There is a direct correlation between slower site speed and fewer conversions, according to studies.
Site speed can be measured by the site overall or broken down by specific pages through Analytics. It is possible to find out which page may be causing the site's speed metrics to decline by breaking it down page by page.


Our conversion funnels can be reviewed in the Conversions section of Analytics if set up properly. To increase sales or complete desired goals, conversion funnel optimization is the most important part. It tells which part or page to be optimized for the website.

Our conversion rate optimization agency helps your business to get more clicks, traffic and conversions. Here are the conversion rate optimization metrics which are included in our conversion rate optimization services to be fixed: At First97Days, we make sure our sales conversion funnel optimization approach is aligned with your goals and values. Let our Conversion rate optimization agency handle the technical work. Our conversion rate optimization services include:

Give Shape to Traffic with Funnels

Several industry leaders face obstacles to online growth because of myths and misconceptions about the digital marketplace. One of the problems with sales funnel conversion optimization is that inexperienced marketers often view it as an additional expense rather than an investment that helps move their business forward. When it comes to conversion funnel optimization, many brands also face the following challenges:
● Highlighting unique value propositions (UVPs)
● Managing marketing spending
● Collecting and using actionable customer insights
● Communicating a unique brand message
● Consumers' online habits and demand are changing
● Prioritizing the highest conversion optimization tactics
● Staying up-to-date on market trends and industry trends
● Adhering to changing marketing compliance regulations


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    Our Conversion rate optimization agency can help you weed out problems in the sales funnel and eliminate anything that might be friction to your conversion goals. There are a lot of conversion rate optimization companies. But reaching out to our Conversion rate optimization company will provide many other benefits and will help to lower bounce rate and increase conversion rate using proven landing page design & conversion rate optimization techniques.

    Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

    Performing a conversion rate optimization audit is a necessary task to check where your website is lacking. Using different tools like- heatmaps, Google analytics and other CRO tools. Our conversion rate optimization agency performs a complete CRO audit and it includes Conversion rate optimization best practices with the help of heatmaps, Google analytics and other CRO tools.
    It covers your website sales funnel and landing page etc. We do seo conversion optimization, landing page design & conversion rate optimization and mobile conversion rate optimization.

    A/B Split Testing

    The procedure requires comparing a variety of websites with the one originally used. The goal of A/B split testing to check design or placement of call to action buttons is generating more leads from visitors. Our conversion rate optimization agency does A/B split testing and determines which design; placement of call to action button is working and generating more conversions.

    Landing Page Design

    Your website's landing page is one of its most important aspects. Landing page design & conversion rate optimization are directly proportional to each other. This is the page where visitors land first, which means the landing page should have a clear vision and information. Our conversion rate optimization agency uses conversion rate optimization best practices to optimize your landing page.


    If you want to see where most of the visitors are hovering, clicking on your website then heatmaps are great to use. We use heat maps tools to identify site elements which are getting more clicks or which are ignored. Then we take action according to the heat maps results and then fix the call to action buttons, website design, content and graphics.

    Content Writing

    Content on your website must be persuasive enough to make people take action. We are experts and knowledgeable in different industries and areas of conversion rate optimization in digital marketing. Whatever type of content it is digital marketing, business, health or manufacturing industry, our writers create engaging content that engages the visitors.

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