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Multilingual SEO

Online behavior can vary across the globe. To get a better ranking for your website at the internal level not just requires your business to be well versed with target language but also needs to understand online behavior for the on-page and off-page SEO approach. If you aim to grow your business then you need to focus on translation and website ranking in other languages. Multilingual SEO offers an index-able website with optimized content in a different language.

If your website is available in a different language, it will eventually boost your search engine optimization. That is when multilingual SEO can be helpful. It will help you structure the site in a multilingual manner and you can use the right tool to create the appropriate multilingual content. That is not it! With this, you can increase the potential audience, conversions, and accessibility to your site.


Multilingual SEO works similarly to regular SEO. You need to identify the right terms and keywords that need to be used in every language. With First97days, you can invite collaborate your team with us to work on your website translation project. Our multilingual SEO Company shall get the translation done in an effective multilingual SEO strategy.



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Multilingual SEO Services We Offer

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Server-Side Translation

First97days can translate the page on the server-side directly. This means as they shall be translated even before the pages are available on the web browser of the visitor. We follow the best practices that are to translate on the server-side and offer quality multilingual SEO services. This way the translation happens in the website source code which is why the Google bot can detect it easily and index it further.

Full Website Translation

It is not just the page content that our multilingual SEO company detects but also the footer, menu, widgets, and even theme element that we target. We scan the whole dynamic content so that the whole site gets translated into other languages. We focus on translating as per the search engine bots requirement for multi-language SEO. That is why we don’t just translate half pages to increase the confusion.

Provide Dedicated URLs

We offer the language subdomains and sub-directories for every new language. We understand how important it can be in the future. When it comes to indexing the translated page by Google, our multilingual SEO services ensure the automatic language sub-directories are offered.

Working On The Hreflang Tags

With Hreflang tags, Search Engine bots will know about the pages that have the same content which needs to be targeted in a different language. This would help the search engine serve better results to users.

Metadata Translation

Along with the text, we can also translate the words like image alt tags and Metadata as a part of our multilingual SEO services. You can later edit the translation if you want to target certain specific keywords in the new market.

Multilanguage Mobile SEO Services

These days mobile phones are gaining a lot of importance and we understand how you can benefit if 50% of the traffic is accurately coming from such device. That is why; our team of SEO shall take care of multilingual SEO services for smartphones by implementing the multilingual SEO strategy for better ranking.

Multilingual Campaigns

Whether it is a long-term SEO strategy or the short term, we can come up with optimization campaigns as a part of our multilingual SEO services. This means whether it is a service or the single product that you are promoting; our multilingual SEO can improve the ranking using the right targeted campaign.

Technical SEO

In a search engine optimization campaign, technical SEO plays a significant role. Our technical includes fixing any errors, optimizing the page speed, and optimizing the website's architecture. In addition, it includes correcting XML sitemaps and identifying inbound links. Among the most critical off-page, SEO factors are the number of inbound links and canonical tags. Our Technical SEO Services helps a website appear higher in search results by improving the quality of the website.

Multilingual SEO strategy

It is good to localize the site in a different language. This way new possibility for development shall open. For this out, multilingual SEO services can be of great help. You can focus on expanding your business while we will take care of all your multilingual SEO requirements and thus maintain efficiency. With a proven track record, we shall manage all possible multilingual SEO services and thus help you save more on online marketing costs.

Your business leads and queries can increase while our scalable services would offer measurable results. You shall be updated with the global multilingual SEO progress throughout fortnight and weekly reports.With cutting-edge tools and great knowledge about the multilingual SEO strategy, our multilingual SEO company offer a turnkey solution for your online branding.

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    While setting up your multi-language SEO website, you must consider some useful tactics that can result in better SEO.

    • To stay on top of following SEO best practices, the first and foremost thing you need to do is ensure people are seeing the right page for their specific area. Further, you should also be careful in posting the content and see it is not duplicated.
    • Stick to a single multi-language SEO language for every page. Often if there is user-generated content in another language, it can result in discussions losing context and may confuse readers.
    • You need to use dedicated URLs as sometimes even the language indicator gets be misinterpreted. Make sure URL parameters are well defined.

    SEO for each language is an individual project. We ensure that you get the best multilingual SEO  services. Our comprehensive keyword research for the language in which you want to optimize the site can be helpful. We can help you frame the right content and structure from the beginning. Just the way every language has its uniqueness, we shall make sure your SEO content on the site will be unique too.


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